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How To Work With An Events Planner For A Baby Shower

You will have heard the expression that “it takes two to tango”. This old saying reflects well on the relationship you should have with an events planner when planning for a baby shower. It all boils down to two things – communication and working as a team.
Everything else is secondary. Read on to learn more about what it takes to successfully work with an events planner for a baby shower.
Get a Quotation
Request a quotation from the events planner to know how much you’ll need to spend on your baby shower. The best way to go about this is to request a quote from at least 3 different event planning companies. Take time to compare the quotes just to see which company offers the best services which you can afford.
Feel free to ask for clarification where you are not sure about something. The main aim here is not just to project your expenses but to also know for sure there won’t be hidden charges beyond what you agree in the quote.
Decide on your Theme for the Baby Shower
You will probably just have an abstract idea of how your baby shower party should be themed. Talk to an events planner and you’ll quickly discover that there are a myriad of themes for baby showers. It is very likely that you will be spoilt for choice. Take time to go through the themes that you like.
Your planner should be absolutely sure that they can deliver the theme that you choose. You need to know if the planner can provide this baby shower theme within the budget you have. The theme will also set the tone of the party, so it matters as much as all the other key aspects of the party like food, music and drinks
How much can you Spend on your Baby Shower?
The beauty of working closely with an event planner for a baby shower party is the fact that there always seems to something unique for different budgets. This means you can freely explore ideas within your budget with the planner without feeling pressured to spend more than you should.
Always remember that it is important that you tell the planner how much you intend to spend. That way, the planner will have enough time to put together ideas that will ensure the baby shower party becomes a success. The money you set aside will be spent mostly on décor, lighting, the theme and of course, the planners remuneration.
What are your Expectations?
Your expectations matter, so do not be afraid to discuss them with your planner. Be open about what you expect as well as any concerns you may have. A good event planner will listen without criticizing and help you to explore ideas. The planner should in no way make you feel like your ideas or expectations are too overboard or make no sense.
You are likely to use a Good Event Planner more than once
You may not realize it when you first hire a planner, but there is often a high likelihood that you will end up with the same planner for your child’s subsequent birthdays. With that in mind, strive to create a good working relationship with the planner.
The company and the people behind it can very well end up becoming part of your little one’s life ever year as he or she cuts a birthday cake.
Perfect Match Events for Perfect Baby Showers
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