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Bachelor Or Bachelorette Parties With An Events Planner

You have finally decided to settle down with the person of your dreams. Everything’s set. You have your wedding dress or tuxedo ready; you have booked your wedding venue and even hired a videographer to cover the whole event. The day is quickly approaching. This means one thing for you and your friends. You must have a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Problem is, you have never held one so you do not know where to start. It is simple. Hire an events planner to help you out. Keep in mind though that even with the planner covering everything to ensure you have a good time, there are party ethics that you should abide by. The same applies to bachelor or bachelorette parties.

What about the Alcohol?

For many, the idea of a bachelor or bachelorette party without alcohol does not make sense. The truth is, you can have an alcohol free party. It all depends what you and your friends prefer for the night.

That fact aside, if you are going to drink then don’t drink too much. The last thing you want is to pass out at your own party. Your event planner as well as your friends should have your back to ensure you have a good time and stay a little bit sober to savor each moment.

If you are planning to drink a lot at your party (we understand that a lot of people want to do this) then don’t plan the party too close to your wedding day. You do not want to turn up at the wedding drunk from the night before. This is never a good thing to do.

What is your Budget for the Party?

One notable upside that comes along with hiring an events planner for your party is the fact that they always work within your budget. This means you will have the party held where you can afford it. It also means the planner will ensure the food and drinks will be within your budget as well.

You should of course, set aside money for emergencies. Over and beyond that though, you can dance the night away with the peace of mind that you won’t be surprised with a bill that will ruin the party.

All you have to do here is let the planner know how much you wish to spend, then trust them to manage the money. Be sure to specify if you want a male or a female planner to organize the party. Boys tend to do plan bachelor parties well and girls bachelorette parties.

Who will you invite to the Party?

The party is all about the bride or the groom being with closest friends and family. It can be tempting to invite a lot of people to your party but you need to think about this. There is however, no harm having as many as 20 or even 50 guests if your budget can stretch to it.

Make a list of all the people that you wish to invite to the event. Talk to your event planner about how much a party for all of these people would cost. Once you have made a decision, make sure your planner has the list at least 24 hours before the party.

The Venue

Have the party where you can have a good time without making other people uncomfortable. If you prefer a night club, go for one where you can have a separate room for you and your friends especially if you plan to party beyond midnight.

Your Perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette Party with Perfect Match Events

We know what your bachelor or bachelorette party means to you. Our experienced team have planned and managed many of these events before and we would be delighted to help you with yours. Just contact us here today so that we can discuss your requirements under no obligation.