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What It Takes To Choose A Good Wedding Planner

Happy faces, nicely dressed men and women and children running up and down in what seems like a jovial mood bound to last forever. This is what weddings often look like during the planning phase. What many do not know though is that planning a wedding is by far one of the hardest things to do.

From how the bride and groom will dress right down to who will cover photography and ensure the wedding theme is just as planned, you really have no choice but to get a professional to help you. That is exactly where wedding planners come into the picture.

There’s a problem though. Just how do you look for one that won’t let you down at the last minute? The following pointers should help you choose one that will not only offer you value for money, but also ensure your most treasured wedding day remains etched in your mind as a day you want to relive over and over.

Do Your Homework

Start out by checking your prospective planner’s official website for photographs of recent weddings and events they have done. Pay attention to certain elements like décor, lighting and décor. These three should always have a cohesive look. Also check to see whether the weddings you’re looking at have an overarching style that most modern weddings share.

This could be what the planner is good at, so make up your mind if you love it or not. If all the weddings the event planner has managed look glamorous and over the top and you are looking to hold a small wedding, send an email just to see how well the planner can work with you and your budget.

Meet With The Event Planner

The first meeting with the planner is important because it is mostly all about explaining to them your expectations for your special day. That is why it is important to bring along magazine tear outs, old photos and even videos.

Note that this first meeting is not just about getting a sense of quality about the weddings the planner has managed before, but it is also about establishing a relationship with the person you will be meeting. Is this someone professional? Can you work with the person with ease?

Pay close attention to all these factors. Then while you are at the meeting, voice your ideas about colors and style just to see how the planner responds and what he or she has to say. Your thoughts and ideas should have a consensus. Make sure that they share the same enthusiasm with you as they listen to what you have to say.

Ask For References and Call Them

Always avoid giving in to pressure to hire a wedding planner that you have met for the first time. Ask them to provide references to you and be sure to call these people and ask a few important questions.

Find out if the wedding planner stayed closely within the agreed budget. Also ask if they followed any specific instructions for the day.  Find out too how courteous and professional the staff was and how well they interpreted their clients’ wedding ideas.

Understand the Contract

This is all about the paperwork. It always seems like something you can do in seconds. But as much as you can do it with your eyes closed, remember you’re now bound to the terms of the contract or agreement. So know what each clause in the contract is all about before signing anything. Ask for clarification where you’re unsure of anything.

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